So Let’s Take a Flight

If flying is something you’ve never done, Let’s go do it, it’s so much fun! We’ll be flying like birds in the sky. You will love it- it’s a natural high. You will see amazing view unfurled, As you look from above our lovely world. You’ll see rivers, lakes, mountains, and valleys, A beautiful patchwork of God’s tapestries. We’ll get a closer view of the sun, And the beauty of God’s creation. So let’s all dream and plan together, And take a trip like no other. Traveling is fun by car, ship, or train, But I can’t wait to take a plane! So let’s pack and get ready to go. We’re off to the airport with our bags in tow. Soon we’ll be on board and in our seats. This airplane is so cool and really neat. Taking a flight is such a treat, An amazing experience that’s hard to beat!


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52 Pages

Illustrated by

Bill Dussinger


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About The Author

Author- Ricardo Aguilar

Ricardo Aguilar has combined several passions in his life: family, flight and poetry in his children's book debut. After graduating from the US Air Force Academy with a degree in International Affairs, he has spent 31 years as a pilot; 21 in the Air Force and 10 with Southwest Airlines. Ricardo hails from Charlton Heights, West Virginia and has been happily married to his bride Catherine, who is an interior designer, for 25 years. They reside in York, PA and are the proud parents of three children: Nicholas who is currently serving in the US Air Force, Alejandro who is a cadet at West Point, and Victoria who is studying fashion design. Ricardo has also earned an MS degree from Saint Mary's University in San Antonio and an MBA from Southern Illinois University. In addition to flying airplanes and writing poetry, Ricardo also enjoys tennis, scuba diving, weight lifting, playing chess and traveling. A big believer and supporter of education, Ricardo also volunteers at local schools through the Southwest Airlines Adopt-A-Pilot mentoring program.

Illustator- Bill Dussinger

Bill Dussinger lives in Lititz, PA, with his wife, Cherie. He has one daughter and two sons, a granddaughter and three grandsons. He is a graphic designer, illustrator, and educator.Bill graduated from Warwick High School in 1978. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from Kutztown University, went on to work as an editorial artist for Lancaster Newspapers, then to Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. He now owns his own design company, Penny Lane Graphics, and teaches graphic design and illustration at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.Lititz has always been important to Bill. He served on the Lititz Springs Park Board, The Lititz 250 Committee, and he continues to be on the Lititz Springs Park 4th of July Committee. He helped found the Lititz Area Business Alliance and is a board member of the Lititz Regional Community Development Corporation. He's a member of the Lititz Historical Foundation and the Lititz Art Association. He is also the PA announcer for Warwick High School football games. He continues to work in the graphic design and illustration fields, draw cartoons, and paint an occasional watercolor.


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