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Ricardo Aguilar

The author, Ricardo Aguilar, has always been an avid reader.  As a child, he learned how to read in Spanish first.  When he began to read in English, his favorite author was Dr. Seus because he loved the way the lines in his books would rhyme.  When Ricardo began reading books to his children, he felt that many of the children’s books were not that interesting or fun to read.  Having a love for poetry, he felt that he could write children’s stories that would rhyme and be more engaging for young readers.  Being a military and commercial airline pilot, he began by writing books about his profession.  His ultimate goal is to write children’s books about a wide variety of professions.  He hopes that his love of poetry and reading will become contagious and engaging to young readers.  His dream is for all young people to develop a love of reading and to dream about what they can become some day.   He is open to any ideas and feedback from children and parents so please feel free to contact him through this website.

About Illustrator

Bill Dussinger

Bill Dussinger lives in Lititz, PA, with his wife, Cherie. He has one daughter and two sons, a granddaughter and three grandsons. He is a graphic designer, illustrator, and educator.Bill graduated from Warwick High School in 1978. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from Kutztown University, went on to work as an editorial artist for Lancaster Newspapers, then to Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. He now owns his own design company, Penny Lane Graphics, and teaches graphic design and illustration at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.Lititz has always been important to Bill. He served on the Lititz Springs Park Board, The Lititz 250 Committee, and he continues to be on the Lititz Springs Park 4th of July Committee. He helped found the Lititz Area Business Alliance and is a board member of the Lititz Regional Community Development Corporation. He’s a member of the Lititz Historical Foundation and the Lititz Art Association. He is also the PA announcer for Warwick High School football games. He continues to work in the graphic design and illustration fields, draw cartoons, and paint an occasional watercolor.

About Illustrator

Rachael Rankin

Rachael Rankin graduated from the University of California San Diego with a degree in Visual Art. Rachael loves working with children and is an elementary school teacher in San Diego, California. When she is not drawing or painting, Rachael enjoys reading, playing the violin, surfing, running and hiking with her chocolate lab, Lucy.